When it comes to electronics that we have in our homes, one way or the other we have experienced some problems. One of the devices is a washing machine. A washing machine is an essential appliance that is used by so many people in America. Research shows that the average families in America do over three hundred of laundries using a washing machine which may cause some damages on the appliance due to overusing it. Some faults may be fixable, but others are not hence you are forced to buy a new washing machine.Therefore in case you experience any problems with your machine, it is advisable that you look for some signs so you can be able to figure out if your machine requires a technician if you can fix the problem on your own.
What problems causes a washing machine not to work well and how to fix the problems.
• The machine is producing weird noise.
It is advisable that you note the sound that your machine produces when you are using it such that in case you hear a strange sound or sounds that are excess you will be able to fix it. The noise may be caused by the fact that the machine is not placed on a leveled place, or it is overloaded. Therefore if you can be able to detect any of the above problems, you can be able to fix it, but if you can’t be able to fix the unnecessary noises, you can contact a professional to do it for you.
• Water is not filling the drum.
If you find that the drum in the machine is not filling, then this shows that your washing machine has a problem. I had the same issue with my washing machine, and when I called my technician to check it, he told me that my filter was clogged hence preventing the water from reaching to the drum. Another problem may be caused by the hose becoming kink, or even delayed cycle which may be due to some clothes that you are washing. Whereby they suck all the water in the drum before a cycle is completed. Check if the machine has such a problem so you can have it repaired.
• The drum is not spinning.
As the washing machine is cycling the drum is also supposed to rotate so that there are enough water supplies on the machine. If you notice that the machine is not turning, you can check the belt to see if it is intact. The problem may also be caused by the lid switch cap having worn out. In such a case where the switch cap is worn out, it is advisable that you call a technician to have it replaced as it requires a profession to handle it.
• If there is water in the drum.
When a cycle of a laundry is finished, the drum is supposed to be empty, i.e. no water is expected to remain in the drum. Therefore if you find that water stays in the drum ones you are done with your laundry, you should check for some causes of the problem. The cause may be due to clothes that tangled and blocked the water pump on the machine, or the hose may have clogged hence preventing clear drainage of water from the drum. In such a case contact a technician to check the machine and replace the drum if need be.
• If your machine is leaking.
A well-functioning machine should not leak at all. Therefore if you find that your machine is leaking, then you should contact a technician to check what the cause of leakage is. This is because the machine might require being unscrewed up to correct the problem which you cannot be able to solve.
• Clothes are wet.
A good washing machine should clean your clothes and ensure that they are dry as well when removing them from the washing machine. But ones you find that your clothes are still wet when you take them out of the machine then you should consider contacting your technician to come and check it.
It is advisable that you be keen when using your washing machine, so you can detect if they have any fault. This also will help you have them repair early, so the damage does not exceed where you will be forced to replace your washing machine.


Erik George