hThis kind of a camera works when it is only connected to the internet which then does the sharing of the footage from your camera to the internet, giving you an opportunity to have access to that footage from either your tablet, pc or phone too. They are ways in which you can protect your camera from hackers or from being hacked.

Protecting your internet network.

The internet network you use from home is your home Wi-Fi. The only way that you have to do to protect your Wi-Fi from being invaded by any unauthorized persons is having a password a strong one for that matter. Then you should ensure that the number of people that should know your password is limited. Sometimes you might have people who are visiting and you wouldn’t want to be selfish with your own password. What you have to do is change your password from time to time. It is very risky for just anyone to have your password since they will have access to a lot of your private stuff.

Avoiding port forwarding to your ip camera singapore.

The kind of router you use always comes with an inbuilt security that prevents some applications from having access to your network. It is not recommended to put up port forwarding for your ip camera. If you really want to prevent hackers from hacking you should quit setting up port forwarding to your camera.

Change the default password of your own router.

Every router comes with a default password. Many people have taken up the initiative of setting up their own kind of password for their routers when Wi-Fi is being installed in their homes. So hurry up and change if you hadn’t before.

Updating the firmware of your camera.

Just the same way the apps in your phone need updating from time to time so is your IP camera firmware that is updated by the manufacture. One advantage is that you don’t really have to keep updating your firmware since there are incremental improvements and also the updating manual that is very complicated. When your manufactures notices a flaw that will give way to hacking of your camera then that’s where the problem comes in. It is recommended that when such happens, you update your firmware. Most of the manufactures always recommend that you register your IP camera with them so that they can inform you in case a latest version of the firmware comes up or keep checking the website of the manufacture to see if there are any updates. You are advised to first refer to your manufacture before updating your IP camera firmware since updating your firmware to the newest version is different for different cameras. So if you do not update your firmware when there is a flaw that will mean hackers hacking even to your CCTV and deleting anything that concerns them in any way.

Protecting your camera with the use of a camera.

What makes remote viewing to be possible is that many IP cameras come with a software that is already pre-loaded. If loading the software is done by the manufacture of the camera then that means that every camera will be given a default password and username that is much alike and that’s an issue. Many people forget to set up a password for their cameras and this gives access of your camera to anyone through the internet who knows that default password since they have camera like yours.

Network segmentation.

It is advised that videos from the IP camera shouldn’t be opened to the internet or any external network that is not known because when you do this you give hackers an opportunity to hack into your IP camera. Networks should ensure that they have perimeters in the inside that will place itself with functional areas of their own and also reflect the sensitivity of data and accessing of requirements for the areas. The CCTV will help in maintaining the security of the perimeter. The reason as to why hackers get an easy pass to your network and have access to the other parts of your network is because of a breach that occurred in a segment of network. When you ensure that you have a proper segmentation of the network you will not only enjoy security of your IP camera but also improvements in performance, minimal congestion and also the ability of your network problems to be contained. So people should ensure that they manage network segmentation.


Erik George