No one wants to have to think about hazardous everyday items, but you have to do that in order to protect your children and the rest of your family in some cases. Adults are usually going to know to avoid certain items. However, kids are not going to have that kind of experience, and it becomes that much more important to make sure that your kids are not going to run into any problems. Home hazard items can seem insidious, because people interact with them all the time. I wouldn’t want to give up some of these items, and it isn’t going to be necessary to give them all up entirely. You might want to just take precautions when you use them, or you might just want to get versions of the products that are going to be safer.

Drain Cleaner

It’s a good idea to buy this in small amounts and to use most of it each time. Drain cleaner is so toxic that consuming small amounts of it can kill you, and this is going to happen even faster when it comes to children. Their bodies are small and they are not going to be able to absorb the toxins or recover from the poisons anywhere near as effectively. You can still use drain cleaner, but you are better off just making sure that you keep it out of sight for a little while and that you take the necessary precautions when you use it.

Furniture Polish and Stain

The people who do refinishing and furniture polishing for a living are usually going to develop truly severe health problems as a result. Some of them develop cancer, and many of them suffer from permanent brain damage. While the people who limit their use of furniture polish are not going to get effects on that level, it is still important for people to remember that moderate exposure to these very toxic chemicals can still have a huge effect on a person’s system. There are safer brands of furniture polish that you can use, but otherwise, there is something to be said for furniture that has a shabby-chic vibe.


The consequences of using mothballs are going to seem too high, especially because of their fairly pedestrian purpose. They are dangerous to humans just like they are dangerous to moths. Chances are, they are going to hurt the human inhabitants of a household more than they are going to hurt the moths anyway. Most households do not have a severe problem with moths, which are fairly benign pests at the best of times, and which typically do not infest homes in large numbers. There are safer ways to get rid of moths that do not involve something as toxic as mothballs.

Gas Space Heaters

The number of household fires caused by space heaters in general is fairly staggering. Gas space heaters are particularly bad. These are the sorts of items that are going to create more fire hazards, even as they are fire hazards themselves. Heating individual spaces has never been the best idea, since it tends to localize the heat too much, causing one area to become too warm. Gas space heaters can be particularly dangerous fire hazards, since the gas fuel itself could ignite. Gas space heaters can cause the sort of household fires that will truly destroy a person’s home. There are better ways of warming up in a tight space.

Flea and Tick Products

If you have a dog, you are probably looking for ways to get rid of the fleas and ticks. You are better off preventing the infestations in the first place or dealing with them when they do happen. The poisons in the flea collars that they used to give to dogs are also toxic to the dogs and to humans. People are going to raise the indoor air pollution in their homes by giving these flea collars to their dogs, and many of the other flea and tick products are not much better. You are usually just better off finding other ways to get rid of fleas and ticks on your dog, especially if you also have kids that might be exposed to these flea and tick products.


Erik George