Because no one can be sue of preventing a fire emergency from happening in his home or work place, it is advisable to make sure that you have safety equipment installed in the building so as to help you in being notified in case of a threat and also to counter the fire.

Smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detector and fire extinguishers should never miss in apartment buildings. Also, one should be well familiar with the kind of fire extinguisher needed. For instance, to put off fires caused by paper, cloth, and wood, it is Class A fire extinguisher that is needed. Class B fire extinguisher should be used to extinguish flammable liquids like oils and paints, while Class C will be used to put off electrical fires like a short circuit.

Procedure of placing a fire extinguisher in your home

Seek a suitable location for mounting a Singapore fire extinguisher.

Before doing anything, you should carry out an inspection whereby you should highlight perfect spots for placing fire extinguishers. Those sites should be free from any blockage from objects and other equipment. The best place to place an extinguisher is near an exit door that will be used as an escape route. Also, if your home has a workshop or garage, then there might be some flammable materials stored there thus an extinguisher is needed. It is a must that the kitchens have an extinguisher because more than 65% of fires originate from there. It is also advisable that if your home is of more than one floor, a fire extinguisher should be located at each floor.

Be familiar with hardware and mounting instructions

Be clear on the procedure of mounting the fire extinguisher and how to use the hardware that is in the manual like the brackets for wall-mounting which come along with the extinguisher when purchased from a manufacturer. Note that there are different types of brackets which are according to the shape, size, and type of extinguisher. The most common mounts include metal brackets and wall hooks. Suppose you find that the screws did not come along with the mounts, make sure to read the manual from the manufacturer to know which type is recommended.

Mounting the extinguisher

When it comes to mounting, it is advisable that only extinguishers that have a weight of 40 pounds and less are supposed to be mounted, to make sure that the top handle is located at least not more than 5 feet from the floor. If the extinguisher is heavier, it should be mounted in such a way that the top handle is at a distance of 3.5 feet from the floor. There should be a distance of 4 inches between the floor and the extinguisher.

For the heavier extinguishers, do place a wall of wooden stud through the use of an electronic knob finder, so that the weight of the extinguisher can be well supported. After placing a wall stud, then you can attach the metal bracket or the nail hook using screws. Finished, now you can proceed to hand the fire extinguisher on the metal bracket or at the nail hook and secure it using buckle straps. Remember that the extinguisher should he mounted in a way that the nameplate containing instructions is seen by everybody.

Sticking of fire extinguisher signs

Normally, an extinguisher comes along with two signs, one is a location sign and the other one is an ID sign. The location sign should be mounted approximately two meters from the ground and on it should be a description that an extinguisher is right below it. It should be visible from a distance of 20 meters. As for the ID sign, it should be mounted right on top of the extinguisher.